Yo yo yo my name is Mango also known as the Noah of the Greentp's Ark.

Welcome to the mango garden, This is literally my spamdom blog where i go thru tags of fandoms I like and just fucking shit out reblogs. I only do this on rare occassion so don't worry, the spam aint that bad.
Every once in awhile you will have a flood of:
Kill la Kill

My casual blogging and sometimes artsy is here


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my friend found a HQ full version of Blumenkranz so I figured I’d share it with all of you (◡‿◡✿)

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Talk Dirty Jason Derulo ft. 2 Chainz

aka the song that will have you dancing in your seat regardless where you are




this will always be my favorite april fool’s day prank though

oh my god I remember watching this when it aired and I spent the entire night trying not to laugh out loud and wake up my family

THIS IS WHAT I WAS JUST TALKING ABOUT when it aired I seriously could not stop laughing


my hansel & gretel redesigns! (whispers maple is the main characterr)

i had tons of fun with silhouettes, shapes, and developing the overall concept!



Oh hey, looks like Shem has a new friend wow.

This here is Pepper, a talking raven who follows Shem around. She’s a temperamental and serious kinda gal, who’s main hobbies are collecting shiny things and scolding others (mostly Shem) 

She got the scar on her forehead just before the two of them met.

Daytime reblog


Movic’s Kill la Kill rubber straps will be the death of my wallet